job interview tipsMake the most of the first few minutes of the interview

Because the job interview is usually your first face-to-face with the employers, first impressions are especially crucial. Never arrive with any kind of food in your mouth or on your teeth, and try not to smoke right before the interview. Turn off your cell phone on the way to the interview.

You finally meet your interviewer. Greet him or her enthusiastically. Stand up (if not standing already) and extend your hand for a medium-to-firm handshake; you want neither the limp, dead fish, nor the bone-crusher. Put on an ultra-warm smile, and say something like: “Good morning, I’m glad to meet you” and “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a candidate for this position.”

Offer a copy of your resume or at least have one handy if interviewer has trouble locating his or her copy.

The interviewer will probably decide whether you are a good fit with the company in the first five minutes of the interview. Much of his or her impression of fit is determined by the rapport or chemistry between you and the interviewer – whether you “click” with the interviewer. Unfortunately, if you don’t, there’s a good chance you won’t get the job. Even more unfortunately, ways of improving chemistry are limited. Youcan try making the most of the period of small talk to establish rapport by attempting to find common interests. Look around interviewer’s office for clues. Are there family pictures? Sports memorabilia? Collectibles? Comment on them.

In the interview, smiling and making strong eye contact are important elements to establishing a good impression. Answering interview questions with ease (showcasing your interview preparation) and asking questions of the interviewer are vital to making a good impression.

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